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Levante is a strong supporter of the two major leagues for societies in this area - the Costa Blanca League and the Campbell Lamont Summer League.

Costa Blanca League fixtures are held on the last Friday of the months from September to April and is a better ball, matchplay competition involving five pairs.

Levante competes in Division 1 with a squad of about 15 - 18 players and there is always strong competition to be one of the ten players selected for matches.


The Summer League 'fills the gap' in the calendar from May to September. Its format is based on the Ryder Cup and teams of four players pair up to play the first six holes as a better-ball match, the next six holes in greensome format and the final six holes as singles.

Levante has a fine record in the competition having reached the semi-finals and quarter finals in the last two years.

For further details and the current status see the relevant League page:

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